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Mizrahi-Tefahot offers you a banking service that combines personal attention and technological prowess. We invite you to open a business account and enjoy the personal service of your own bank professional, able to provide you with the most suitable solution for your business needs

Mizrahi-Tefahot offers you a banking service that combines personal attention and technological prowess. We invite you to open a business account and enjoythe most suitable solution for your business needs

Small businesses in Israel face demanding challenges: high taxes, regulatory constraints, the security situation, fierce competition and high vulnerability to market volatility, both locally and globally. Therefore, they need varied and on-time bank services.  We, at Mizrahi-Tefahot, believe that small businesses deserve a professional and consistent service, with hybrid banking, 24/7 and a package of solutions, tailor-made to your specific needs.
Our business customers enjoy a unique service package: 
  • A professional business banker - customers are paired with personal bankers responsible for their needs; a banker who knows the individual customer, his/her low and peak cycles; is adept at identifying issues and takes proactive actions to solve them. Among other services, the banker’s role is to match varied credit solutions for business owners and accompany the business’ activity on an ongoing basis.
  • Multiple communication channels - your banker is available to you via phone, SMS and secured email correspondence, or via the online service or account management mobile application. 
  • Advanced digital banking - you can run your business without going to the branch; carry out a wide number of transactions and get information directly online or via the application, thus saving time and resources for promoting your business. 
    Other services we offer: high volume fund transfers to both Mizrahi-Tefahot and other banks; payments, employee payroll transfers and other transfers, including IBAN; foreign currency wires, in Israel and abroad; option to view the history of previous transfers and carry out repeat transfers; transfers in a multiple-signature account online or via the account app. The transfers to be executed after a digital sign-off by each account signatory.

To open a business account you can: 

  • Fill in the form   
  • Contact a business banking representative at your nearest branch   
  • Dial *8860

A variety of financing solutions

Of the five top banks, Mizrahi-Tefahot is the leader in the “Friendliness of 
Business Banks” index  for business customers. Our business customers also enjoy current market overviews, sales and special offers for club members, and loans specially tailored to their business needs.
The economic roller coaster of the last two years has strained to the limit many small businesses, with cash flow constraints often threatening their continued operation. Mizrahi-Tefahot offers you a variety of financing solutions, providing  the required support even when the business has grown to the stage of recruiting employees and purchasing equipment. 

The bank offers you a wide range of financing solutions, to make things easier for you and meet your specific needs in managing and developing your business.
  • State-backed loans for small businesses - the State Guarantee Fund for Small Medium Business Loans extends a state-backed loan under special terms for the advancement of your business.
  • Loans for small and medium businesses in the north and the south - the “Daroma Tzafona Idan Hatid Ltd” Fund grants loans to small businesses in the north and the south, under favorable terms.
  • State-backed loans for energy optimization - a loan designated to optimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Checks and credit cards discounting - a financing tool granting you the proceeds immediately following the transactions executed in post-dated checks or via credit cards.
  • Factoring - a financial instrument for cash flow management through which the bank converts credit transactions into cash ones.

International Trade and Financing

Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot confers specific benefits for foreign trade, designated for new customers or for those who want to expand their operations in global markets.
Our specialist international trade advisors provide you with:
  • Personal banking services from highly experienced bankers.
  • Full accompaniment during all the business transaction stages, from ad-hoc solutions to comprehensive ones while reducing risks, advice and training, to closing the deal effectively and as quickly as possible.
  • Quick response time.
  • Designing creative solutions, tailor-made to your unique requirements. 

Are you in the import/export business? We provide you with an array of financial tools for closing deals abroad. 
  • Opening and maintaining documentary credits
  • Discounting bills or commitments by foreign banks or companies
  • Forfaiting transactions
  • Transit transactions
  • Handling documentary collections
  • Financing exports
  • Executing complex international trade transactions
  • Financing medium to long-term transactions
  • Structured Trade Finance
  • Tender guarantees, advances, execution and financial guarantees for overseas activity


Deposits for Business Owners

Even when interest is low, we offer you deposits designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Our Goodies Basket includes a wide range of attractive deposits and savings for varying time periods. We would be happy to offer you the  deposit/saving channel most suited to your needs.

ANAVIM Prime 6 years (286) - A deposit plan allowing you to save each month via a standing order and also to take advantage of frequent exit points during the deposit term.   

Deposit Advantages:
  • Flexibility: The monthly deposit amount can be changed, subject to the terms of the plan.
  • Liquidity: The funds can be withdrawn every 3 months.

RIMONIM Daily Prime for Two Years (259) - A two-year deposit plan allowing you to withdraw the funds as early as a week from the deposit date. 

Deposit advantages:
  • Interest: Even at this time, when the interest rate is nil, you can enjoy interest on a deposit that is liquid for you every day, while maintaining your Prime margin for two years.
  • Liquidity: The deposits enable you to withdraw the funds partially or fully, as early as a week from the deposit date.



Legal note

  • The foregoing is for information only and in no way constitutes an offer to extend credit
  • The parties are bound by the terms of the loan documents and any other document signed by the bank and the customer
  • Defaulting on the loan payments may result in late-payment interest charges and debt collection proceedings
  • The provision of any kind of credit is subject to the bank's discretion
  • The bank may modify the terms at any time without prior notice
  • This information should not be regarded as a recommendation or proposal to carry out any transactions in securities.
  • Failure to repay loans resulting from any use of the credit card may incur late payment penalties and collection proceedings
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