Financial Reports 1st Quarter 2021

19 May, 2021

Net profit in first quarter: NIS 676 million

Compared to NIS 357 million in the corresponding period
last year 89.4% increase

Return on equity: 14.9%
Compared to 9.1% in the corresponding period and 9.5%
for FY 2020

Financing revenues in the first quarter*: NIS 1,880 million
Compared to NIS 1,411 million in the first quarter of 2020
33.2% increase

Loans to the public in the first quarter: NIS 249.5 billion
An increase of 1.6% compared to end of 2020
Deposits from the public in the first quarter:
NIS 293.8 billion

An increase of 3.4% compared to end of 2020
Cost-income ratio: 55.3%

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