Financial Reports Annual 2014

10 March, 2015

Financial Highlights

Net profit in 2014: NIS 1,083 million

compared to NIS 1,078 million in 2013


Shareholders' equity: NIS 10,987 million

compared to NIS 9,852 million in the corresponding period last year

11.5% growth


Return on equity in 2014: 10.4%

given the aforementioned growth in shareholders' equity

compared to return on equity at 11.5% in 2013


Financing revenues from current operations: NIS 3,309 million

compared to NIS 3,129 million in 2013

5.8% increase


Financing revenues in the fourth quarter: NIS 889 million

compared to NIS 807 million in the corresponding period last year

10.2% growth


Tier I capital ratio (in Basel III terms) at end of 2014: 9.12%

compared to 9.01% at end of 2013


For additional information: Bank Spokesperson: 03-7559227

Further Information

Press Release (PDF) 

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Additional Disclosure Pursuant to Basel 3 Pillar 3

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