Financial Reports Annual 2016

21 March, 2017

Financial Highlights

Net profit in 2016: NIS 1,266 million

Compared to NIS 1,13​4 million in 2015

11.6% growth


Shareholders' equity: NIS 12,714 million

Compared to NIS 11,847 million in the corresponding period last year

7.3% growth


Tier I capital ratio as of December 31, 2016: 10.1%

Compared to 9.5% at end of previous year


Return on equity in 2016: 10.2%

Given the aforementioned growth in shareholders' equity

Compared to 10.0% return on equity in 2015


Financing revenues from current operations: NIS 3,876 million

Compared to NIS 3,510 million in 2015

10.4% increase


Cost-Income ratio: 58.5%

Compared to 59.8% in the previous year.


Dividend amounting to NIS 39.8 million to be distributed

with respect to fourth quarter earnings


For additional information: Bank Spokesperson: 03-7559227

Further Information

Press Release (PDF) 

Financial ​Reports​ ​ (PDF) 

Analysts Presentation​​ (PDF) 

Key Features of Equity Instruments​ (PDF) 

Risk Management Report​ (PDF) 

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