Financial Reports Annual 2017

27 February, 2018

Financial Highlights

Net profit for 2017: NIS 1,347 million

compared to NIS 1,266 million for 2016

6.4% growth

Shareholders' equity: NIS 13,685 million

compared to NIS 12,714 million at the end of 2016

7.6% growth

Net profit in the fourth quarter: NIS 365 million

compared to NIS 265 million in the corresponding period last year

37.7% growth

Return on equity in the fourth quarter: 11.2%

For full year 2017: 10.2%

Financing revenues from current operations in 2017: NIS 4,363 million

compared to NIS 3,876 million in 2016

12.6% growth

Dividend distribution of NIS 110 million

with respect to the fourth quarter earnings

From the first quarter of 2018, an increase in the rate of dividends

to be distributed to shareholders to up to 40% of net profit


Further Information

​​Press Release​ (PDF)

​Financial Reports​​​ ​​(PDF)

​​​Analysts Presentation (PDF)

Risk Management Report (PDF)

​​Key Features of Equity Instruments ​(PDF)

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Further Information - Accessible Files

Press Release​ (PDF)

​Financial Reports​​​ ​​(PDF)

Risk Management Report ​​(PDF)

​​Key Features of Equity Instruments ​​(PDF)


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