Financial Reports Annual 2007

23 March, 2008

Financial Highlights

Net profit: NIS 908 million
Compared to NIS 643 million in 2006
41.2% growth
Annual return on equity: 17.2%
Compared to 13.0% in 2006
Net profit excluding non-recurring items: NIS 681 million
Compared to NIS 607 million in 2006
12.2% growth, reflecting return on equity of 12.9%
Net profit in fourth quarter: NIS 147 million
Compared to NIS 141 million in the same quarter last year
4.3% growth
Continued growth trend in retail operations:
13.5% growth in revenues from credit card commissions
13% growth in credit to households
Over 70,000 net target-audience customers recruited since start of 2006, as well as thousands of additional, non target-audience customers
Maintain Group leading position in mortgage market, with average market share in 2007 of 30%, and continued trend in early 2008 as well (32%)



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Further Information

Analyst Presentation (pdf 166kb)
Press Release
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