Financial Reports 3rd Quarter 2008

23 November, 2008

Financial Highlights

Net operating profit: NIS 505 million A 4.4% decrease
compared to the corresponding period last year, when net operating profit amounted to NIS 528 million
Return on equity: 12.0%
compares to 13.6% in the same period last year
and 12.9% for all of 2007
Operating net profit In the 3rd quarter of this year: NIS 139 million
compared to NIS 181 million in the corresponding quarter last year
23.2% decrease
Return on equity in the 3rd quarter: 10.0%
Profit from financing operations before provision for doubtful debt In the 3rd quarter: NIS 598 million
compared to NIS 523 million in the corresponding quarter last year
14.3% growth
Ratio of capital to risk components: 11.43%
For additional information: Bank Spokesperson: 03-7559227

Further Information

Financial Reports (pdf 662kb)
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