Lichi 4 Year Deposit - Graduated fixed interest

Wish to invest your money for a few years with an option of withdrawal? Lichi Deposit allows you to enjoy the interest, which increases every year, and the option to withdraw the money once a year

Graduated fixed interest

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Deposit Terms 

Period - 4 Years
Linkage – Unlinked Shekel
Interest type – Fixed   
Withdrawal options – Each year, starting from the end of the year (meaning – after one year – each year)
Minimal depositing amount – NIS 50,000

Minimal depositing amount for the purpose of receiving the campaign interests
Maximal depositing amount – NIS 50,000,000

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Offer expiry date: until 30.6.2022

With a fixed-rate deposit, you can tell for sure what amount will be received on the maturity date and enjoy stability and immunity with no surprises.

How may I make the depositing?

  • Leave us your details 
  • Contact us by chat 
  • Call our investment professionals on *8860
  • Approach the closest branch  
Upon each inquiry, mention the name of the deposit "Lichi for 4 years", deposit type 178


  • The interest is calculated as an annual compound interest 
  • This inquiry shall not be considered investment advise
  •  The deposit is designated to private banking clients only 
  • The binding details of the offer are in accordance with and subject to the terms of deposits 
  • Tax will be duly deducted
  • The bank may change the terms at any time, thus with no advance notice
  • The aforesaid is solely informative, and by no means constitutes an offer to receive deposits    

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