Financial Reports 3rd Quarter 2007

23 November, 2007

Extraordinary Event

 Strategic Five Year Plan (pdf 25kb)

Financial Highlights

Net Profit in First Nine Months: NIS 761 million ($189.6 million)
Compared with NIS 502 million ($125.1 million) in same period last year
Growth of 51.6%
Net Return on Equity: 19.7%
Compared with 13.9% in same period last year
And 13.0% in full year 2006
Net Profit Excluding Effects of Non-Recurring Items: NIS 528 million ($131.6 million) Compared with NIS 453 million ($112.9 million) in the first nine months last year
Growth of 16.6%
Reflects return on equity of 13.6%
Net Profit in Third Quarter: NIS 184 million ($45.9 million)
Compared with NIS 162 million ($40.4 million) in the same quarter last year
 Growth of 13.6%
Ratio of Capital to Elements of Risk: 11.48%
Dividend distribution of NIS 75 million ($18.7 million)
On November 19, 2007, the Bank's Board of Directors resolved to pay a dividend of NIS 75 million ($18.7 million). The record date for the dividend payment is December 3, 2007, the ex-date is December 4, 2007 and the payment date is December 19, 2007.
 For additional information: Bank Spokesperson: 03-7559227

Further Information

Financial Reports (pdf 3880kb)
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